By: Angela Ciroalo

Have you ever heard of the term, “Self Love” or “Self Care”?

Self car and love

So many of us are busy doing one thousand things at once (email, text, work, friends, family, etc.) that we never stop and take a moment to check in with ourselves.

Self love-make time

Ask yourself: What do I need today? In what areas of my life am I lacking or feeling deprived? Are there things that I aspire to accomplish but never take the time to do? Am I putting everyone else’s needs ahead of my own?

In order for us to live a healthy and happy life where we are able to better assist others, we must fully fulfill our own needs — first. 

Your health, sleep, water consumption, relationships, relaxation time, career needs and physical activity, must all be met before you are able to help others. Otherwise, you are only half there.

(For example; when you are on autopilot and completely forget what you are doing or just did, or when you are in a conversation and have no idea what the other person is saying — this is not a healthy way to live your life.)

Think about the last time you were with friends, making dinner, or driving the kids to school — you likely had several things on your mind filling your thoughts with stress and aggravation. Meanwhile, you should be focused on the task at hand and enjoying the time you are actually living in (ie. living in the moment, not the future or past).

We are all busy. But there is no reason that you have to be miserable (or not mentally there) while living your life. 

Seek to fulfill yourself with self-love and self-care before starting your  day.

Self-care involves small changes that you can easily incorporate first thing in the morning, or right before bed. 

As you begin to implement these slight changes you will start to notice small changes in the way that you think about yourself, your life and your daily tasks.

It all starts with you. 

As a single woman, I know that before I am able to fully love someone else (and allow someone to fully love me), I must first fully love myself, and it all begins with self-care. 

I encourage you to begin your journey and implement some self-care and self-love in to your life.

Beginning your journey with self-care can start with a very small addition, check out some of my suggestions below:

1. Try a Self-Love Challenge to get you started on the right path.
I found a great Self-Love Challenge created by Skinny Mom that is definitely worth a try.

Self Love Challenge

The challenge lists one thing that you can do FOR YOURSELF each day.

I chose to do the second challenge on the website (the private one, that involves writing on your own. I think self love should be a private relationship that start with you and as your self love begins to grow, then you can share it with others — that is just my opinion). 

2. Showing yourself some love by taking yourself on a date 

Don’t wait around for people to go with you places you want to go or visit places you want to see. Time along is very valuable. Value yourself and your dreams/hopes/wishes enough to take yourself wherever it is you want to go, or to do whatever it is that you want/need to do 🙂

Self love date

3. Self-Love Affirmations

Self Love Affirmation

Either first thing in the morning, or right before bed, write down and say out loud, a self-love affirmation.

This can be something like the one listed above, or it can be;

  • Congratulating yourself for the things that you accomplished that day
  • Reminding yourself (while looking at yourself in the mirror) how beautiful you are
  • Commending yourself on a great choice you made that day
  • Thanking yourself for the healthy choices you made
  • Thanking yourself for the delicious dinner you made

For more information about self-love affirmations, feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss some affirmations that work best for you, in addition to assisting you with ways to show yourself the ultimate self-love. 

4. Creating a list of the things that you need to do for yourself — every day. 

self love is

5. Enjoy life. Try some suggestions that have been scientifically proven to make people healthier and happier. 

  • Spend time outdoors
  • Sleep more
  • Listen to music you enjoy
  • Have meaningful relationships
  • Share joy with others
  • Do not ever be hard on yourself
  • Have meaningful conversations
  • Save your money.

These are all forms of self-care.

Self Love Happiness

Some additional tips that I like and wanted to share include: 

Self Care

Self Love Tips

Regardless of what you do to begin your journey with self-care, ultimately leading to self-love, it all starts with loving yourself enough to want to make the change. 

We can not change other people. It is something that we must want within ourselves.

Self Love body is a temple

Your body is a temple. Honor it in all that you do, say, eat, and drink.

For more information about self-care, feel free to contact me directly ( and as part of my health coaching program that I offer, we can discuss ways for YOU SPECIFICALLY to show yourself self-love. 

❤ Wishing you love, joy and blessings,

Angela Joy