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Free Health History Consultations

For a limited time only I will be offering completely FREE consultations to help you move one step closer to achieving optimal health and happiness in your life.

Those interested in scheduling a consultation are welcome to contact me directly. Those who have questions about the consultation, or would like to learn more about health coaching, are also invited to contact me; 

I look forward to speaking with you and guiding you towards becoming your BEST self 🙂

❤ Wishing you love, joy and blessings,

Angela Joy xo

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The World Needs More L<3VE + Letters

In honor of the 5th annual 12 Days of Love Letters I am writing this post to inspire you to write a love letter to someone who really needs the love that only YOU have to offer!

More Love letters
One letter can make a world of difference, click here to learn more.

The blog, “The World Needs More Love Letters,” created by a girl named Hannah is currently holding a 12-day love letter writing opportunity for YOU to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Family members have sent in stories of loved ones who are in serious need of some extra love and support. Think of how incredibly meaningful and inspiring it must be to receive a love letter from a complete stranger! Today, you can be that incredible stranger.

With the spirit of the holidays, why not write a love letter to one of the people listed on the More Love Letters site?

Or, if you do not want to write to a stranger, you can try writing a love letter to someone you know that really needs some extra encouragement.

You never know the difference that YOU can make in another person’s life!

During this holiday season take some time to think of someone in need and remind them of how important, strong and truly incredible they are.

You are  capable

I hope this post inspires you to do something amazing today! Because YOU truly are fantastic and capable of such greatness. You just need to allow that greatness to flow from you and inspire beauty in other person’s life!

You are capablee

Have a beautiful day. Thank you!

❤ Wishing you love, joy and blessings,

Angela Joy

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